COURTS COURT Superior Court is in charge of keeping court public records, recording property deals such as guarantee deeds, quit claim deeds, stability deeds, tasks, suitable-of-way deeds, easements, and property plats, taking fi fas, military discharges, business titles, and UCCs (Standard Commercial Code), gathering probation charges, child support payments, and residence exchange taxes, submitting criminal cases and keeping legal warrants, completing civil cases for example divorces/annulments, adoptions, label changes, habeas corpus cases, suits for injuries, garnishments, and repossessions, providing notary sessions, encouraging in court selection, maintaining election ballots for your legal time frame of couple of years, and assisting most people with receiving Various court documents. GSCCCA Website – Atlanta Court Clerks’ Expert Telephone 1: (229) 759-6018 Phone 2: (229) 759-6019 Fax: (229) 759-6049 County Courthouse 100 Leslie Road PO Box 49 Leesburg, Georgia 31763 Monday – Fri 8: 00 – 5:00 pm